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Need help with my Propeller Project...

This is the place to talk about Parallax Propeller Chip and Boards
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Need help with my Propeller Project...

Postby jknightandkarr » Thu Feb 18, 2016 5:25 pm
First of all here is the program. I noticed that its got massive delays, I know some are in the DTMF.spin, which I can easily adjust, but there seams to be more then that. Here is how it's supposed to run on my PPDB.
1)I/O 0..9 get looked at and place a word sized variable called ButtonState.
2)I/O 10-19 get looked at and placed into 10 Byte sized variables. Set1 to Set10
3)After these variables are done, I used Case to check the button state for this: %00000011_11111110 to %00000001_11111111. 10 diff binary combinations. Looking to see what button is pressed. The following info is sent to "Pri Button" with the following variables: Pin, LOoO, State. Pin being to represent what button has been pressed 0 to 9, LOoO aka Latch On or OFF? (used with Set1 - Set10 Variables. 0:= Momentary System & 1:= On or Off. I used the switches on the PPDB for this), State being the ButtonState Binary variable data. I used 2 PPDB's for the 10 buttons and 10 switches, just connected them togeather with the 5v & Gnd rails.
4) From there, the Word output variable called RelayState, I think, is updated %0000_00xx_xxxx_xxxx the x being each output, sent to 74hc595 shift register. I added waitpeq to wait till all the buttons had been released
4A) Momentary: Output on, plays 1 of 16 random DTMF tones, waits for all button(s) release then relay is turned off again.
4B) On or Off: Same as 4A but uses Case command to check if relay is currently On, if on then turns it out.
5)Repeats from 1

I know I got errors, but not sure where...


EDIT: I saw on PRI Button in the Case area I had the buttonstate data in where I think 1 or 0 should been. Haven't tried the program. Already put everything away after being frustrated.... Lol
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