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Simduino (?)

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Simduino (?)

Postby Granz » Mon May 09, 2016 8:07 pm

Way back in high school, I received a copy of Bell Lab's CardIAC computer simulator ( ... omputation, also a great description with programs and an emulator: from my math teacher. Earlier I had been introduced to the school district's (School District 214, in North-Western Chicagoland) HP-2000 computer and taken to it like a duck to water. In learning HP's TSB (Time Share BASIC) I wrote my first emulator, a CardIAC emulator. Unfortunately, I have no memory of the user interface, only the background. Over the past several years, I have wanted to recreate my emulator, but in hardware.

A while back, I ran across the Kim-Uno (a 6502-based KIM computer: http://obsolescenceguaranteed.blogspot. ... o-uno.html) which stirred my creativity. I recently ordered an Arduino Nano ( ... 59231.html) and several Nokia 5110 LCD modules ( ... 45893.html.) Time to play.

Here is my prototype as of this point (note that I have not done the initial wiring yet.)

I prefer to do my prototyping off of a CAD drawing, and then when everything works, it already matches up and so I can just have some boards manufactured.


This will be enough to simulate the CardIAC, but I am thinking of adding an external serial RAM, so that the thing can simulate/emulate more complex systems.

Ideas? Question? Suggestions?
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Re: Simduino (?)

Postby Savage///Circuits » Tue May 10, 2016 3:53 pm

The pictures do not show up for me. Looks like broken image links. :(

EDIT: Of course I hit reply and then they show up! :roll:
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