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Hydra Game System Enclosure, Reset Switch Plunger, Mini Mod

The place for members to showcase their completed projects.
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Hydra Game System Enclosure, Reset Switch Plunger, Mini Mod

Postby zappman » Mon Jun 01, 2015 11:56 pm

Originaly posted on the Savage/// Circuits Forums
January 14th, 2011, 07:53 PM
by Zappman

Hydra Game System Enclosure, Reset Switch Plunger, Mini Mod

I purchased a Mountain King Hydra Acrylic Enclosure Kit Pro Kit for use with Hydra game system. It is a very nice enclosure kit, with a perfect fit.

I made a mini-mod to the enclosure.

Since I have the add on SD card for the Hydra, it is very important that I can easily activate the reset switch on the Hydra.

I got tired of having to use a paper clip to activate the reset switch on the board.

Therefore, I made a Reset Switch Plunger using a No. 4 x .75" Nylon screw and 3 No. 4 Nylon nuts.

A) Thread the 1st Nut most of the way onto the screw.

B) Place the Screw through the top plate of the of the enclosure (the first 1st nut should be on top of the plate).

C) Now thread the the 2nd Nut onto the screw, (the 2nd nut should be on the bottom side of the top plate).

D) Now place the 3rd Nut onto the bottom of the screw.

E) Adjust the position of the 1st and second nuts so that the plunger assembly can push (activate) the reset button on the Hydra circuit board.



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Re: Hydra Game System Enclosure, Reset Switch Plunger, Mini Mod

Postby Electrons-R-Fun » Tue Jun 02, 2015 4:24 pm

That's a neat solution. Thanks for the post about the enclosure, I might need a few of those eventually. I was wondering if you could have used a ball point pen spring between the top face face of the enclosure and the first screw to make the screw pull itself up off the reset button automatically?


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