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Postby JDISME » Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:00 am


I couldn't wait to get started on this project once I found it. It's a project from How-to Geek and it turns out they are great at making how-to tutorials; this was my first from them. It was regarding my Raspberry Pi version 1B and I had ran into a couple issues with finding something that was available. There are plenty of projects and things you can do with the latest and greatest version 3 pi, but finding even the support materials was hard to come by.

Turning a Raspberry into a emulator was a great idea for the Pi.v1B. I wanted to do this for a standing arcade already, so what a perfect way to work out the kinks. Setting up the RetroPie took just no time at all once I found the img file. There is a support website for the RetroPie ( community. There is downloads and people to answer any questions, but I have yet to find a need to ask, it's easy to work and make changes.

Parts Used:
Raspberry Pi version 1B w/ power supply ([email protected])
Keyboard & Mouser - USB
HDMI Cable
Playstation 3 Controller – Tethered
Cat5 Cable
RetroPie Article


Upon testing all the consoles with my Pi1B, I noticed it wouldn't keep up with some console emulations. On consoles like Nintendo 64 and some Super NES the sound was cutting out really bad and sounded more like glitching sounds than a game; the 3D models were lagging pretty bad. I figured this was just a Pi1B limitation, until I spoke with a buddy of mine who is running the same thing on a Pi3 and getting similar issues. Anything 32-bit or higher, it was really hard to keep up, if it would load at all; we are still doing some testing to get a good understanding of the limitation. There are special settings for everything, and i'd like to get a PS1 again. Right now, I am very happy still with the Atari, NES, and the others that work "out of package", but there are plenty of setting to see if I can get the others working. If "shaders" are any example of just how many options there are, should be a bit of a chore.

** beep beep ** be careful on how you promote the ROMs and how you got them; they seem to be a iffy subject area to some, but this is just a warning ** beep beep ** you've been warned **

All in all, the project has been a great addition and I've not removed it from the entertainment center since its been completed. A+ if you are looking for NES or SEGA games.
Joshua Donelson

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