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Postby Savage///Circuits » Mon May 18, 2015 2:50 pm

When editing your profile where you enter your Twitter, YouTube, etc. What is WLM?
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WLM = Windows Live Messenger --- Re: WLM?

Postby zappman » Mon May 18, 2015 7:34 pm

3.2.1. Personal settings
Personal settings control the information that is displayed when a user views your profile.
• ICQ Number: Your account number associated with ICQ system.
• AOL Instant Messenger: Your screen name associated with AOL Instant Messenger
WLM = Windows Live Messenger: Your email address associated with the Windows Live

• Yahoo Messenger: Your username associated with the Yahoo Messenger service.
• Jabber Address: Your username associated with the Jabber service.
• Facebook: Your unique username/page name associated with the Facebook service.
• Twitter: Your username associated with the Twitter service.
• Skype: Your username associated with the Skype service.
• Website: Your website's address. Must be prepended with the appropriate protocol
reference (i.e. http://)
• Location: Your physical location. Note that this is generally displayed along with your
user information with every post, so standard caution regarding releasing personal
information on the Internet should apply.
• Occupation: Your occupation. The information entered will appear only on the viewprofile
• Interests: Your personal interests. The information entered here will appear only on
the viewprofile page.
• Birthday: Your birthday. This information is used for displaying your username in the
Birthday section of the Board Index. If year is specified, your age will be displayed
in your profile.
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