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Help: Including images in forum posts using tinypic - obsolete

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Help: Including images in forum posts using tinypic - obsolete

Postby zappman » Sun May 24, 2015 6:40 pm

As of 7/23/2021 this post is obsolete.

Using tinypic is the preferred way to include pictures into forum posts, here at the ZappBots Forums.

Why do we use tinypic?

  • Because it works.
  • It saves bandwidth and storage space on our hosting account.
  • You can scale the picture size when you upload the picture to tinypic.
  • You are in control of managing your own pictures, you save them in your own space.
  • The forum posts look cleaner because you don't see pictures first as images, and then again as attachments.

How to insert a picture into a post using tinypic.

Go to and create your free account. Upload a few test pictures while at their site to see how things work.

When making a post on the ZappBots Forums you can then use tinypic to show your post pictures.

To insert a picture in a post, click on the tinypic icon as shown in the picture below:

Your post edit screen will now show a tinypic box, that you can use to upload your picture, as shown below:

If you are not signed into tinypic click on the words “Sign In” to sign into tinypic.

Then you can click on the word “Upload” to see the tinypic upload fields as shown below: You can select the album to upload your picture to, choose if you wish to want to resize your image. Then click the “browse” button to find the picture on your computer.


Then click on the “UPLOAD NOW!” Button

Follow the instructions shown in the picture below:
This post was made using tinypic!
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