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Working with SMT devices

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Working with SMT devices

Postby jknightandkarr » Sun Oct 16, 2016 2:58 pm

Well as the title suggests I am looking for information on working with SMT devices. I have some info on soldering, but not all, but i am looking for other information as well.
1)testing smt devices.
2)telling the various components appart, such as and esp caps, resists and diodes.
3)the best temps to solder at/resoldering, and should I have the pcb preheated and if so what temp?
4)using an oven to solder.
I have an old toaster oven that I am going to use for batch component soldering. I am going to take the unit appart and create digital controlls for it. It has a built in fan, maybe i can use it to either a)help the hot air circulate better n keep the air temp more stable across the pcb(s) and/or b) help controll the temp of air upon the the cycle finishing and getting thr air temp to drop at a controlled speed. I know i need at least 2 thermocouples or other temp probes. I have a propeller modual i can use for the project. The only other info I need is proper heating pcb proper cooling of pcb, and of course the time and temp(s) needed for soldering in it.

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