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Forum Rules & Guidelines

Posted: Thu May 07, 2015 7:42 pm
by zappman
Welcome to the ZappBots Forums. It is my hope that the ZappBot forums will help us learn, exchange useful information, and help us build our projects. This is an open-community forum and we are non-platform dependent, which means you don't have to use a certain Robot, Micro-Controller, Single Board Computer, Programming Language, etc... and you don't have an expert to be welcomed here. This is a user forum and is run by volunteers.

Basic Rules and Guidelines:

  • NO SPAMMERS ALLOWED! WE HATE SPAMMERS! If you signed up here just to post a link or several you just wasted your time. All your posts and your account will be deleted. This is not an advertising forum.
  • Be courteous to other members. We think this goes without saying. Not everyone shares the same opinion or uses the same platform. Let's try to be respectful of that and not be rude to those who don't use the same language or platform as we do. And remember, opinions vary. It's a fact of life. Deal with it.
  • Choose the appropriate forum, when posting in a forum please stay within the topic of the forum. General chatter should be posted in the General Discussion forum.
  • Stay on topic / No Thread hijacking, if your reply to an original post on any thread has the intent to move the topic of discussion away from the original post, it is considered hijacking and will be subject to moderation. This also includes nonchalant replies with little or no substance that fail to meet the request of the original poster.
  • The ZappBot Forums are not the venue to discuss Religious/Non-Religious agendas, nor is it a place for Political Rants or Arguments. If you wish to discuss the existence of things divine or the most recent upheaval in the legislature of man, find another forum.
  • Spread the word! The ZappBots forums needs your help, we are building the community from scratch. The community can only grow if you tell your friends, colleagues, classmates, etc. and they participate by sharing their projects and ideas.