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Datalogger at work

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Datalogger at work

Postby chuckt » Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:55 am

I need help.

We have a data logger at work and it is missing data. It records temperature and humidity.
I looked at the instructions and the instructions recommend taking the battery out if the device freezes.
We've had to do that twice. I don't know why. The device looks like it is operating and we can't make changes.
We can't look inside the device until it is too late.

Why do electronics freeze? Can you help me explain to my boss why we are missing a week's worth of data?

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Re: Datalogger at work

Postby jknightandkarr » Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:48 pm

Unfortunatly I know nothing about that kinda thing.... Sorry. Good luck on finding the issue.

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Re: Datalogger at work

Postby Granz » Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:01 pm


We really need some more information in order to work on this issue.

- What are the make and model of your data logger?
- Is this a custom/homebrew/DIY/kit data logger, and if so what is the circuit design/specs/schematic/PCB artwork?
- Have there been any modifications/upgrades/repairs done to the inside of the logger?
- Have you opened it up to look for obvious troubles, like cold solder joints, loose connections, burned out components, etc?
- What are you trying to measure, what are the ranges, how often are you recording the measurements?
- Can you identify any conditions which seem to cause the data loss/lock-up (I.E. it always fails after three hours of recording... it fails sometimes when the temperature is below 0 degrees... we have been having power bumps/brownouts/failures/etc, and it fails on those nights...)
- Can you hook up any other test equipment to help determine any of these conditions?

Unfortunately, there are so many ways for any device (electronic or otherwise) to fail, that we cannot make any guesses without this kind of information. :(

Something else to consider, have you looked into building your own to take the place of this data logger? That might be a viable alternative, especially with the people here. What is it that you are trying to measure and record?
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