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Rasberry Pi Zero W

Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2017 11:42 am
by MikeDYur
Hi folks,
Been awhile since I was here last. Has anyone got the Pi Zero WiFi yet? Got one a few weeks ago, and I have this feeling that computing has gone full circle for me. Though the board has limitations, speed and portability are some of them if you want HD. But I thought a smart keyboard would be a good application for my board. If I can find one these days with enough room to accommodate the Pi Zero and a USB hub. And still be able to make use of the GPIO header. This project would make the Pi Zero more portable for me. And getting it in some enclosure may help (if done right) with strain relief on connectors like HDMI. Kind of an old school keyboard computer, the hub I'm thinking of using has a couple of horizontal USB ports, perfect for internal flashdrive memory.